Canoeing in Canada to Riding Tuk Tuk in India

Canoeing in Canada to Riding Tuk Tuk in India

If just vacationing on the beach is not made you feel satisfied during the holidays, it’s time to plan the adventure while on vacation. Here are some adventure places from canoeing in Canada to riding Tuk Tuk in India.

Canoeing in Canada

Have you ever thought of going on a vacation to Canada and pedaling a 10-meter canoe? To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada, the government held a unique recreation. 12 to 14 people can ride a canoe or kayak and pedal at the same time to get to the north coast of Lake Superior. Of course, you are allowed to bring your own canoe to participate in this event. Using canoe or Kayak Trailers to transport your canoe to the venue is certainly very easy and effective. While participate this event, you can get a very beautiful and unforgettable sight all the way to Thunder Bay.

Amazon Challenge

If you want to experience the wild life like Tarzan, plan an adventure in the forest. A vacation with the Large Minority will take you down the Amazon River from the corner of Colombia to Peru and Brazil. The nice thing is, on this adventure, you will use a kayak which transported by kayak trailer as local people used to do it during holiday season. You can see pink dolphins, avoid Piranha, and feel like Olympics participants.

Safari in Peru

Peru is famous for its archaeological sites and beautiful scenery. If you really love adventure, why not try to circle the South American country itself? Take it easy, there is still a guide that will help you with other vehicles so that you are not lost in Machu Picchu.

Tuk-Tuk Competition (Indian Bajaj)

Traveling as far as 3000 kilometers around India with Tuk-tuk (Indian bajaj) may not be the right choice. Make no mistake, that’s what makes your adventure this time so unique. Competing riding bajaj with other participants can be a story passed down to your grandchildren. The rules are very easy, you ride your own Tuk-tuk and take the path you want. You really will be alone, so you can feel the sensation.


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