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Take the Headache Out of Buying a New or Used Car: Tips for Millennial

Take the Headache Out of Buying a New or Used Car: Tips for Millennial

The millennial generation has gotten a bad rap over the years, with many people from older generations calling them “entitled,” “irresponsible,” and “destructive.” However, as the generation as a whole comes into adulthood, it is clear that millennial are just like those who came before them they had their heyday, but now they’re ready to settle down, make sound investments, and live a stable life. In short, they’re ready to grow up, and part of growing up means buying a new vehicle. Unfortunately, dealers and lenders may make doing so more difficult than it should be.

If you’re a part of the millennial generation, and if you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, you may face some adversity at the dealership. With these tips, you can overcome common challenges and get the new set of wheels you need to pursue your grown-up goals.

Use Technology

You don’t have to put your smartphone down to go car shopping, in fact, you can use your device to your advantage. Take to the internet to browse dealerships’ inventories, get quotes, ask questions, and even negotiate. Most dealerships have implemented live-chat sessions that allow car shoppers to do most of the hard work from the comfort of their own homes. This saves the dealers and buyers time, as it eliminates the need for hours’ long sales talks that eventually lead to nowhere.

You can also use sources such as Kelley Blue Book to find out how much you should really pay for a vehicle. There are also apps that allow you to do the same thing.

Get Approved

There are several advantages to getting approved, the biggest of which is that it gives you a baseline for what types of rates to expect. While dealers typically have access to some of … Read more

Volkswagen Passat 2017: Top New Features

Volkswagen Passat 2017: Top New Features

Volkswagen – The German carmaker is all-set launch re-launch the VW Passat 2017 Edition in India on 10th October 2017. Read on to know the top new features of this premium sedan.


One of the most popular sedans by Volkswagen – the Volkswagen Passat is all-set to re-enter the Indian automobile market very soon. According to several reports, the German manufacturer Volkswagen will launch their latest sedan VW Passat 2017 on 10th of October 2017, after a long wait. The production of Volkswagen Passat 2017 has already begun at Volkswagen’s Aurangabad facility.


The Volkswagen Passat is a perfect luxury sedan that combines luxury, safety, power, performance, efficiency, comfort and convenience in one package. This is not the first time that Volkwagen Passat will be launched in India. Earlier, it was available in India but VW discontinued this sedan due to poor demand. Now, after three years of long gap, the eight generation Passat will come back to India.


The MQB Platform


The all new Volkswagen Passat is built on Volkswagen’s highly efficient MQB platform, which has already proved its worth around the globe. The Volkswagen Tiguan was also built on the same platform. It must be noted that the Passat is VW’s first luxury sedan to be built on the MQB platform, and it allowed VW to reduce the weight of this sedan by 85kgs.


Aggressive Styling



This 2017 Volkswagen Passat is a premium luxury sedan, which has a bold and brilliant face. The 2017 variant has a refreshing look, all thanks to its new four-bar chrome grille, LED headlamps, prominent hood, re-designed bumpers with C-shaped integrated LED lights, fog lamps, LED tail-lights, bigger alloy wheels and redesigned front & rear bumpers. Overall, the new 2017 Passat looks much bolder and better than the … Read more